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Unhealthy eating habits – Day 6 & 7

Today is Sunday and usually a rest day!  Well this is my  prep day for the rest of the week.  I use this time for scheduling out my week and planning when I do my workouts.  However, yesterday I should of done this post so I will finish this last week up today!

We’ve talked this week about all sorts of unhealthy habits.  For you and our dogs.  So let’s finish this up with talking about  another problem area “Fast Food,”  and “Comfort Food.”  Both are a major problem in America. With something different on every corner you can grab it quick and go.  But it’s not healthy.  And with so much easy access to things like hot dogs and mac n cheese our kids are taught early so we can just get them to eat.

Did you know that one big mac or whopper meal has more than all the fat you need for the week in one meals?  And the calories are through the roof.  The underlying problem is The saturated fat that we hang onto and gain weight from, not to mention the high risk of cholesterol going through the roof also.  I know that from personal experience from my younger years when all I was eating was fast food and my blood work revealed it was not only high, but my triglycerides were also at a level risking heart disease.  Coming from a background of heart attacks, congestive heart failure, and high blood pressures.  It was a wake up call.

Now let’s bring up the other problem area.  Comfort foods.  You know what they are! Mashed potatoes, mac – n – cheese, homemade breads, cookies, cinnamon rolls, baked pies, grandmas Christmas treats, and combined them with sitting around on your butt and not doing anything and see the scale rise!  Then we all wonder how that happened.  Easy, we got lazy and wanted something we don’t need.  In the famous words from my father….. “Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.”  Not too mention not using will power to know a little goes a long way.

Both of these things are fine in moderation.  But here in America its we want what we want and nobody will get in our way.  Our weight and health fall, and hand to goodness somebody brings it up cause its shaming or hurt our feelings.

Here’s another big myth.  Combining Rice and Beans together makes a complete protein.  To some degree yes.  However, not enough to out weigh the carbs.  Did you know that one gram of sugar is only one teaspoon!  so if a can of of soda has 52 grams of carbs that 52 teaspoons of sugar! And a bottle of soda is double the servings.  Comes down to how do you want to live.  How important is the change?  What kind of legacy do you want to leave your children!

New challenge group is starting soon!  JOIN ME on a new adventure!