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Transition Times Back Into a Routine

With everyone going back to school and schedules either getting back on tracks or new things to keep up with the transition period can be a struggle.  But now it’s time to sit back and relax.

To do this we need to first get out a calendar and start making plans and laying everything out.  When you see what lies ahead and is planned out the transition comes easier.

For me my summer was not only trying to get my job done, training Bleu, holding classes, getting my daughter to work, home, and well life in general. But going from one major development to another.  She’s back in school. Works the weekends, which means now my days are a little easier.  Now I can focus on things like my business, my fitness routine, and some time to catch up on some quiet time.

This transition for me has changed from one busy lifestyle to another.  However, I like everyone else needs to breathe. Take a few minutes once a week and plan my time.  Get things done one item at a time.

With my transition I now get to start implementing a new program I am now certified in.  Which I am looking forward too.  Time to step up and move forward.  I have never been so excited about anything!  My one love from years ago, and now I get to teach it!

I now even get to step up my fitness to getting leaner and meaner! Better eating habits and build some muscle.  This is time to enjoy my process and share what I learned. It’s time to get the dogs out too and run their butt off!  We can do this.

Get a planner and get ready!  Write down your schedule. Get focused. You got this!