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New Beginnings

There comes a time in your life, that you have to sit back and regroup.  That time is now for me.  Loosing focus is not an option for me.  It’s time to sit up and pay attention.

I know it’s easier said than done.  Truth is I have lost my focus and motivation.  Where did it go?  I think it went out the window due to doing so much!  Aggravation over work and trying to do so much.

You see my life went from trying to do what I need to do to keep things a float, to a total burn out!  There is no excuse.  I just over did it.  So when this happens you just stop and then it hits you.   The motivation has left, and the I don’t cares set in.

Once this sets in how do you get back on track?  How do you get your mojo back?  That’s when you reevaluate your situation and then make a plan.  As strange as it sounds it time to get the calendar out and start writing it all down.  Plan it all out.

What time you get up, when to do my SAVERS, job, workout schedule for class, and yet be a mom, teacher, wife, and all around woman.  Finding out what is important and plan it out for the day.  Problem is I am self employed so my schedule can be the same each day or I have the option to plan each day as it comes.  leaving the possible flexibility for those times when things pop up and screws up your plans.  Like school issues, or your hubby is in need of doing something and you stay home.  But it all works.

Now it’s taking time to plan out meals for the week and get that on track also.  Being that nutrition sometimes gets forgotten when you throw the book out the window so to speak.  So it’s making the right plan for your health so things start moving the way they need too.

So for instance now I need to schedule all of this each day.

  1. Time to get up
  3. First Job
  4. Breakfast
  5. Check into School
  6. Work on the online job
  7. Prepare for workout class
  8. Lunch and Supper
  9. Feed the dogs
  10. Getting everything ready for the next day

That is for only one day.  Not to mention Daisy school, Eddie things he needs done, and normal everyday house cleaning.

Basically It’s comes down to the final reality.  DETERMINATION, COMMIT, and SUCCEED.  So today I will start this journey and get motivated.