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Let Me Be Your Personal Coach

When kids get to have fun!

Tonight we had live class for insanity.  I normally get to do my live video feeds while having class.  However, tonight I had a very special guest.  Little Miss Jaycie.

Together we sat and and had a chat about her first couple days of 1st. grade.  Where she informed me of all the wonderful games they get to play.  Not to mention she get 4 recesses a day!

She told me about playing tag and running.  But when we got down and dirty and asked to tough questions, she didn’t miss a beat.  She was on top of her game.  I dare asked her about playing hide and seek.  She looked at me and was very quick to say we don’t play that cause there no place to hide here.  Which in Wyoming there isn’t a pile of trees and bushes to hide behind.  I was red in the face.  She was right!

We talked about when I was younger and the games we played and all the things we used to do.  She was quite knowledgeable.

It’s times like these its great to see how our little ones enjoy their time at school and see how active they are.  It’s great to know how active they are in our local schools.  We should all take a page out of their book.

The more active we are the better off we are. She made my day telling me all about it. She was quite the trooper.  Very much so a natural in front of the camera.  With an award winning smile.  This little one makes my day light up when its cloudy.

When we hold insanity classes couple nights a week and she right there being encouraging to keep up motivated.  She has been a blessing to us all.  I encourage you to find someone to make your day!