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Kickboxing Vs. MMA What are some differences?

Years ago I fell in love with the kickboxing world. I took the cardio side and by signing up to do that I given the opportunity to do the sparing class.  Which meant I was able to fight.

Kinda weird, because I never thought about fight like that.  I thought about it as more of a self defense way.  I really didn’t understand why people do it for money. But if it comes down the bring down an attacker I am all for it.

I found myself having issues back then health wise, so I quit.  Shortly after that I found out I was suffering from scoliosis.  So I need to go through treatment to work on my back.  And see if I could get my neck into alignment to stop having migraines.  It broke my heart.

I never knew that I would come to a point in my life that I not only be getting healthy and loving it, but teaching it.  Then actually being able to do one of my favorites.  A kicking boxing program!!

This not only lead me back to my love, but made me want to get even further with my training.  Taking on MMA conditioning along with my Core De Force certification, can only give me a much better understanding of where this comes from and how it all works together.

Now I am diving into the differences between the two.  Like the cardio side vs. the battling side.  The importance of specialized training.  The conditioning, the technique, and the levels of intensity.  Yeah!  A lot of stuff surrounding this.

When you are in training they always recommend seeking a physician first to make sure your capable to handle what is ahead.  Not to mention the levels of fitness where you start from to extreme.

The entire MMA world opens doors up in all fields.  Mixed Martial Arts brings in from all over the world different types of techniques and knowledge of each field.  First of all Where do these come from?  Karate? Muay Thai? Kung Foo? And the List goes on!

Now let’s talk about the difference between the two:

  Kick Boxing   MMA  
Full Form Mixed Martial Arts
Focus Striking Various striking, defence, etc.
Hardness Full-contact Full-contact
Developed Karate, Muay Thai, Brazillian, Jiu-Jitsu,
from: Khmer Boxing, and Shoot wrestling
Wrestling moves.
Moves Striking using kicks and punches. All including fighting, grappling, punching, kicking, and knees.
Rules Like boxing and karate, kickboxing has strict rules in place about the kind of moves allowed in places that can be hit, rules for matches and points, etc. Originally MMA had no rules.  However, rules were introduced to protect the fighters and lose te illegal fight image.  Though it still had fewer rules as compared to other older fighting styles.
Protection Ideally in full protection kit made of gloves, mouth guard, groin guard, shin and  foot pads Typically only gloves and mouth guard.  Often groin guard are also required.
Gloves Kickboxers use larger gloves that cover the fingers and palms MMA fighters wear smaller gloves with open fingers and palms.
Conducted In Usually Rings Usually in cages, sometimes in rings, and also on streets.


All of this came from  This was a great breakdown to the two different styles.  It also gives us a better understanding what each one is used and how they compete.  Or how they are used for self defense.

My video shows what sample of what we do in a live class coming from the kickboxing side used as fitness.  And what I love about it is the process teaches us to think about the defense side.  How each move is used for defense.

Are you ready to take that plunge?  JOIN ME!