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Let Me Be Your Personal Coach

From Coaching to Instructing

No one could of told me that when I started on this journey that today I would be teaching live classes.

I started on this to get my health and fitness better to be able to take care of my family and do what I need to do as the sole bread winner. Dealing with health issues for my family and trying to homeschool our child, I was falling apart. Weight was going up and energy going down.

I was frustrated until someone introduced me to this program. I was sceptic. I had tried Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Ideal Protein, etc… Nothing was working and I was frustrated. I was getting to the point I was so mad to think that I was going to have to eat soup for every meal and exercise daily.

Here’s the news flash…. I had to exercise daily and my food???? I just need to start what is called clean eating. And then the weight started falling off. It was then upon sharing this program with others I starting running into the serious question…


My answer was no. Then found no one wanted to discuss their issues with weight loss. Until I found out that I could become a Certified Instructor through BeachBody. Upon doing so I started to have some credibility.

Now I am certified in 3 courses getting ready to add 3 more.

What does that mean? Not only were people starting to listen to me and allowing me to help find the right program for them, but now I get to teach live classes and meet new people. Face to face I now am blessed to see the progress each of theses people make!!! And it’s remarkable.

I am truly blessed.