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Fitness and Questions About My Hearing

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions.  From the hearing community, deaf community, and the service dog community.  So let me take a few minutes of your time and dive into this.

Okay so for some of this the issues have been mainly hearing the music and the cueing for my live classes.  With some of the programs its a 32 count and change, for others its 1 minute or 30 seconds per move.


Most of the time I can just turn the music up loudly to hear the cues, but I must have the head set on so everyone else can hear me.  The problem here is the headset sits on my hearing aids.  Which hurts my ears and my head from the pressure and weight.  But with the newest program I am now able to bring live I have a hard time hearing some of the cues.  So now I must really learn a new way to get  things done.  Which will require the dog. Let him tell me when things are changing up.

This all plays into each thing I must do. It is vital to what I do.  So my learning process is a challenge, but doable.  Part of the process is becoming more acquainted with the deaf community and learning sign.  To my surprise I found some of these communities on Facebook.  They are very forth coming and understanding not to mention willing to show how they do things that I could maybe implement in my world.

It’s more than just reading lips and just coping with my surroundings.  It’s learning a whole new world.  I wished I learned it years ago.  It has actually been recommended learning with videos from worship music.  I am like that’s up my alley.  This I can do.

So this in a new day and new system that has to work.  What I want to do is start showing the process I will be going through.  Each day it’s something new.