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Let Me Be Your Personal Coach

I want help people because I know what it is like to feel alone and have no support. A sheer feeling of helplessness.

Being the sole bread winner and trying to stay in top of things while working 3 jobs to keep your head above water. The feeling of no money, no time, or motivation. Just moving day to day without purpose.

I was this person before someone introduced me to Beachbody. And now I have more direction and purpose, because now my circumstances are not controlling my every move.

I want to show others that there is a way to feel better and get healthier one step at a time. Finding out what kind of program fits their needs and their situation. Doing so that they can take back their nutrition and life.

And as a live instructor I am blessed to also do this very thing face to face also. Watch my class attendees grow and make progress in their lives.

Through coaching I get tickled when I hear someone tell me they finally got past their plateau or they are now doing push-ups on the floor instead of the wall. And my favorite. The one who like me that finally was able to run that mile they’ve never ran before.

Here is when I truly am blessed