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80 Day Obsession Part III

I DID IT!  I finished the 80 Day Challenge!!

I went into phase 3  with a mind set that I can do this.  I made it this far not to quit.  Autumn called this a shred phase and I was ready once again to shred some more.  But I got discouraged once again.  Everyone was posting their progress photos and had huge result thus far.  I didn’t.  I was really wondering why I was doing this to myself and getting no where.

That is when my husband came in with those words of encouragement again.  showing me that I was making progress.  I was gaining and loosing at the same time.  I just couldn’t see it.  But the numbers don’t lie either.    This is also when Autumn came in and said that there was another coach in the same program that had only lost 3 pounds going through the whole thing.  So I decided to stop looking at everyone else and just focus on me.

Trust me when you get caught up in others progress your own is really hard to see.  Let’s be honest here.  I went into this program with higher hope for myself and was getting disappointed.  But I did get results.  I lost a total of 5 pounds over all the 80 days and a total of 20.25 inches over all.  What was amazing was where I lost it at.  Chest and waist only 2 inches each.  Arms I lost 1 1/2 inches each arm.  Hips right around 3 1/4  inches.  But my legs…..  5 inches each.

Reality of this was I hold my weight evenly and gained muscle and lost fat pretty evenly too.  This was very eye opening to me, and I decided to do it all over again.  So I started this all back over and currently on day 9 of another round.  I think this time I have a better understanding and look towards the program.  This time no unrealistic expectations either.  Just focus on me.  I now realize that the only competition is myself.  And you can really get caught up into the self doubt, so no comparing.  My journey is my journey.

I know I got more muscles and stronger.  Shoulders and the biceps are starting to shine through.  Now to finish the toning and get better core is vital.  I can do this.

I also found out by doing the program and focusing on myself, I have better understanding of the importance of what a coach does.  The way I should react with my own challengers and the ways to encourage them.  The truth is. Since I went through this I came out of it with better insight. I feel better equipped to handle what my challenges will be asking.  I already know the struggles I went through and what they are facing.  So in all with this process of 80 days I am really pleased with my out come.  Looking forward to doing it all over again.

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