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80 Day Obsessed part II

As the end of this journey is fast approaching I am looking back on where I was and where I am now.  During phase one I was introduced to resistant bands and sliders.  Now here is the rest of that story.

I told you about the moves and then adding the sliders meant going splat!  Right onto the floor.  Face first.  Not pretty.  What I just found out is that over the last 2 years even though I’ve been working out daily and working on me, I suddenly realized my core is not in shape at all.  Where are my abs?  Why are they not working?

Well that’s where this program is helping.  It is all about weight and strength building.  And yes the core is going to get better too.  She said it is all about triple A.  Arms, Abs, and Ass.  No real polite to say it.  So with a balance of weight lifting, balance moves, and cardio it is working.

Now for me after phase one, I couldn’t see any changes.  However, my daughter said, “Mom! I can see it.”  she was like give me your photos and I’ll show you.  So I did then she went all read marker on them and edited it.  My hubby said he could see it and promptly grabbed certain areas which is TMI  and flat out said here is different and here and here.  I’m like OKAY!!!  So it’s just me looking at me. My own competition.  Yuck!

It wasn’t til the end of phase two that I realized the difference.  First, I can now am lifting heavier using the 15, 20, and 25 pound weights.  I was like yeah!  I need more weights.  But it wasn’t until i had to redo my measurements, weight, and photos.  Well crap.  That meant showing my skin and revealing this ugly mess.

Then I did the side by side comparison and my eyes went wait just a minute.  I do see a change.  I dropped 5 pounds and 17.75″ overall.  I finally could see with my own eyes.  But key was to not compare to others and their journey.  That’s where the negativity would sink in and the doubt.  So that is when I decided in this test group that I was not going to look at everyone else’s accomplishments. Just focus on me!  Which is hard because, when we look at ourselves we are our own worst nightmares.  But I seen results finally and I like what I am starting to see.

Next on my list was taking on phase three.  She said this is the shredding time.  We will see how it goes for me.  I only have 15 days left of this one to see.  If you’d like to join me on this adventure I’d would love to help you! You can CLICK HERE to get more info and join me now.