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80 Day Obsessed Part 1

On January 15, 2018 I started the first day of the challenge.  Prior to this a id the 3 Day refresh.  Why? Simple, I wanted to be detoxed and ready or the challenge.  I started this not like most.  I already eat healthy and clean so detoxing my system was not to big of challenge for me.  Unlike most in this Special Coach Test Group, I didn’t go through flu like symptoms, caffeine head aches, sugar cravings, or wanting salted items.

I just wanted to start the program off with a clean slate and focus on me.  My own goals and health.  Not gonna say it wasn’t hard to not listen to the usual hub bub of others pissing and moaning.  Or the poor pitiful me routine.  My results are my results.

This program is 80 days long and 3 phases.  Each day is different, and each phase.  During phase 1 it’s kind of like another detox and learning more about prepping your food and your week.  Getting organized of what it takes and learn a new system. This is definitely not 21 Day fix.  With 21 Day fix you get the containers and 7 workouts.  List of approved foods and your off and running.  I did really good with it, because its something different and doable.  80 day came in and and broke down even more of what times nutrition would play into this whole thing.

First, I had to write down my measurements and weight.  Second, calculate phase one for the nutrition plan I would be on.  Third, start prepping for the phase one part. Where it all broke down is the timed nutrition.


What do I mean?  Well for starters, timed nutrition is broken down into plans from A-F, both regular and Vegan.  I fell into plan C which is more than what I did with 21 Day Fix.  But I was fixing to start training harder. Make a difference in my journey.  I had to look at my schedule and see what time of day to do my workout.  That was first.  Then I could see what time I would eat what color. And it was A LOT!!!  My day start at 6:00 am and first meal is 6:30.  But what was a little hard right off the bat is eating a vegetable for breakfast.  I mean I thought you eat veggies for lunch and dinner not breakfast.  Well, I just decided fine.  I will eat the veggie that was left over the night before.  My Husband was like, “what are you eating?”  It makes for a good chuckle.

Seriously though he actually made the struggle pretty easy.  Even caught him looking through my fixate cookbook for ideas where he could help me.  So he made me vegetable soup, and homemade pizza on flour tortillas!  That’s right he was talking my language.  Food that was delicious and tasty!  Hey!  He’s Cajun and knows seasoning! I am in good hands.  Shh! Don’t tell him I caught him on film!

Phase one started off with a challenge with workout too.  Each day was different and bringing weights wasn’t my challenge as much as resistant bands and sliders!  OMG! I swore the sliders would be the death of me.  I was like she want’s me to do what?  Then I realized how that even though I have worked out a lot, I have NO core!  Holy Moly here w go!

You think your doing really good then those sliders come out and your like, okay let’s hold the plank and get stable to do the move.  Then SPLAT! right on the old kisser!  Literally.  But I wasn’t going to let it stop me.  I have goals! If you want to read more about these goals check out part 2!  Join me today by clicking here!