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Let Me Be Your Personal Coach

Helping People Achieve Greatness

Through Coaching and Live Classes

Welcome to my Fitness Journey


After years of struggling with what society says I should do and what the failed diet plans out there for me.  I have taking a step back.  Looking at where I was, where I am, and where I want to go.

I never thought in a million years I would be teach and training others in the fitness field.  But here I am!  Working on me and other at the same time.

Now I hold several certifications and proud to be able to help not only myself, but others reach their goals.  Seeing them not just on the social media, but in person.  Making a difference in the lives of others.

Full filling some of my own goals along the way.  Finding out that my one passion from years ago, is the most rewarding part of my routine now.  Kickboxing to another level.  Taking a cardio/shadow boxing side and taking to a new level of self defense.  Showing the reason behind the moves, and the thinking.

The one class I look forward to teaching above all the others.  That one true love.  (wink wink)

I hope that you follow me as we show the journey to be better than I was before.

Please fill free to email me if your ready to take this journey too.




I'm not trying to look perfect. I just want to feel better, look great, know I'm healthy, and rock any outfit I choose.

-- Autumn C.